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Our work on Raman active nanoprobe for targeted tumor imaging 

Read our latest journal on the subject, "A Smart Intracellular Self-Assembling Bioorthogonal Raman Active Nanoprobe for Targeted Tumor Imaging" published in Advanced Science here!

Our work on SERS for detection of viruses

Read our latest journal on the subject, "Label-Free Spectroscopic SARS-CoV-2 Detection on Versatile Nanoimprinted Substrates" published in Nano Letters here!

Our recent work on Cancer

Read our journal, "Noninvasive morpho-molecular imaging reveals early therapy-induced senescence in human cancer cells" published in Science Advances here!

Read our journal on the subject, "Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Reveals Early Tumor Microenvironmental Changes Induced by Immunotherapy" published in Cancer Research here!

Our recent work on Plasmonic Sensing 

Read our journal on the subject, "Plasmonic Nanodiamonds" published in Nano Letters here!

Read our journal on the subject, "A Programmable DNA-Silicification-Based Nanocavity for Single-Molecule Plasmonic Sensing" published in Advanced Materials here!

Our work on Malaria screening 

Our work with Oracle 


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